This land is your land, this land is my land, From California, to the New York Island, From the Redwood Forests, to the Gulf Stream Waters, This land was made for you and me. (Woody Guthrie)

Golden Gate Bridge  2001 by ValyaL

Latest changes: photos Winter Christmas Tale on Lake Tahoe; Dry Labor Day in Yosemite

Here you can find several impressions from my coming to America.

I am sure you will also love Olga's Diary:

And here you can find some photographs:

Photos from 2000 (sorry, they are large, and no thumbs)
February 2001
March 2001
April 2001
May 2001
Summer 2001
Grand Canyon by my fella Dave Snider and his friend Sau San
Fall 2001
November 2001
Boston, February 2002
February 2002
March 2002
May 2002
Yosemite photos from old camera
Yosemite digital photos (Sony F707 rulezzz!)
San Jose Historical Museum
Independence Day Fireworks
Journey to the Middle of Earth
Great America
Russian Heritage Day in Fort Ross
Berkeley University
Six Flags
Point Lobos
Muir Woods
Golden Gate
Renaissance Faire 2002
Annual Sand Castles Contest in Carmel
Carmel Mission and Point Lobos Reserve
San Francisco Bay Marshlands
1880s Harvest Festival in Roaring Camp
Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival
Great Corn Maze
My work at FVC
FVC Halloween Celebration
FVC Halloween Celebration (more photos by Arthur Boudeville)
Japanese Garden in San Jose
Mount Diablo summit and Rock City
Ano Nuevo State Reserve - Elephant Seals Rookery
Pinnacles National Monument
Lick Observatory at Mount Hamilton
Monte Bello
Maui, Hawai'i
Stanford University
More Pinnacles
Seattle and around
Big Sur and Hearst Castle
Mission Peak
Flowers and waterfalls of Mount Diablo
Hakone Gardens
Easter in Coyote Hills
Bonfante Gardens
El Corte De Madera Creek
Loch Lomond
Home, Sweet Home! (photos from our siberian vacation in Tomsk)
More Stanford
Alamere Falls
Berkeley Kite Festival
Angel Island
Lake Tahoe
Sand Castles Contest 2003
Point Lobos again...
Renaissance Faire 2003
San Francisco Baylands and birds sanctuary
Stormy ocean promenade in Santa Cruz
The Buzzard's Roost in Big Basin Redwoods State Park
Pinnacles Balconies Caves and Cliff
Winter Christmas Tale at Lake Tahoe (new!)
Rollerblade Skating at Shoreline
Mount Tamalpais (new!) coming soon
Santa Cruz Lighthouse (new!) coming soon
Half Moon Bay (new!) coming soon
Panoramas at Ed Levin Park (new!) coming soon
Coyote Hills (new!) coming soon
Monterey (new!) coming soon
Farewell to FVC (new!) coming soon
Ano Nuevo - New Visit to Elephant Seals (new!) coming soon
Sam McDonalds Park (not restaurant!) (new!) coming soon
Almaden QuickSilver Park
Henry Coe State Park - Frog Lake (new!) coming soon
Castle Rock State Park (new!) coming soon
Half Moon Bay State Beach
Microsoft TechEd Conference in San Diego (new!) coming soon
Point Lobos Again (new!) coming soon
Stevens Creek Park (new!) coming soon
Summer Vacation at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks (new!) coming soon
Google Summer Picnic (new!) coming soon
Dry Labor Day in Yosemite (new!)

If you prefer some nostalgic siberian landscapes
here you can find some of my old siberian photos.

For those of you who love lyrics here's my Mom's personal web site.
Or, if you prefer, site devoted to my GrandMa ;)
I am also very glad to present you the web site of my daughter enjoy!
Even Oleg proudly wants you to look at his new Web page. He also made a web site for the Math Club at his school.

Some of you guys may want more professional info
well, here's some Windows 2000 training for you :)

Hope you liked all that crap ;) Hope other impressions will come soon ;)


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